Fernando Gomulya
Product Spec Sheet

LightingPhilips Lighting Signify
Impreza - TilesInovar
PaintNippon Paint (S) Co Pte Ltd
TilesNiro Granite

Product Spec Sheet
Impreza - Tiles
by Inovar


DELUTION as Architects

Linaya House is a house design which is then developed in a housing complex masterplan where the concept carried is iconic design. Iconic design here means that with the same building layout design, but each building facade design in this housing complex will be different from one another. While the concept for this residence itself is compact design where although it stands on minimal land, but the design of this house can accommodate the daily needs of homeowner in general.

The compact design of this house can be seen from the room sizes, although some of them are smaller than the room sizesof the residential house design in general, but still functional and comfortable. Responding the issue of limited land area, the communal area design is made with the concept of an open plan with minimal bulkhead, as well as the existence of void and different floor level that make this space feel wider. The void also serves to help accommodate the occurrence of cross-circulation for lighting and natural air so that the spaces quality in this design is better. With this limited land, architect is able to design this residence in such a way so that there is not a single room that does not get direct lighting or natural air.


Material Used :
1. Nipon Paint – Paint
2. TOTO - Sanitizer
3. Inovar-Impreza - Tiles
4. Phillips - Lighting
5. Modena - Kitchenware
6. Niro-Granite - Tiles

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Hall in business campus B12, UNIT. City
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Hall in business campus B12, UNIT. City

Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine - Build completed in 2019
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