Living little, Loft 38 mq - Milan

Living little, Loft 38 mq - Milan

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Living little, Loft 38 mq - Milan

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How to transform a small house with high ceilings into a modern and comfortable apartment to rent. In our opinion the most important thing is to play with an equipped mezzanine and custom furnitures.  



The design of bespoke furnishings is essential to create functional elements that are perfectly integrated at the same time. for this apartment we have designed a handcrafted wooden mezzanine that creates different environments, a single element equipped with many facets, sleeping area, living / guest area, a small study corner, bookcases, wardrobes, containers and retractable shelves. 


dual functions #thinkdouble 

Playing with furniture, why not? a staircase that becomes a wardrobe, a small study corner that wraps up to leave space for our guests, a fun bookcase with flap. A staircase can become a container from the first step, a railing can also be thought of as a bookcase. We had fun thinking that all the elements could have a double soul. In a small house we can have olso space for a little studio. What if the table is retractable to create more space for our children to play or receive our guests? 


colors and light 

we played with soft and neutral colors, delicate contrasts and warm materials such as wood, to enlarge the environment, enhance the brightness, and create an ideal base for a house to rent to be customized. 


The Italian architect, Roberta Borelli, now loves to lives and décor this house giving value to our project.

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