LKH Feldbach Extension Intensive Care Unit

LKH Feldbach Extension Intensive Care Unit

Kaufmann-Wanas Architekten
Styriastraße, Graz, Austria
Project Year
Paul Ott

LKH Feldbach Extension Intensive Care Unit

Kaufmann-Wanas Architekten as Architects

The new building is designed as a free-standing structure adjacent to its existing building.  The alignment of the north-sloping terrain and the main access road is included in the planning of the longitudinal facade. The emerging farm-like buildings facing south take into account the existing vegetation.  They are divided by the reverse rotation of the longitudinal facade. By differentiating the outline of the building harmoniously in the environment and creating a pavillion like appearance, an independent effect of the building is accentuated.  In relation to the existing building,  the new elevated building gains a light, floating effect. The sensitive transition of the interior of the intensive care unit to the exterior uses a spatial stratification. Therefore, a narrow space is used in the inner mullion transom facades creating a rock garden which is also accessible as a visitors terrace.


The outermost layer is a series of vertical, polychrome coated aluminum form pipes, which responds to the special protection needs of patients in the intensive care unit. A green atrium, as well as building breakthroughs and continuous skylight bands with the internal partition walls provide natural lighting and spatial structure. A rotating canopy protects the steep incident light in the summer sun. All facades are executed with an external active sun protection and sustainable maintenance-free materials. The massive components in the floor have ventilated cladding made of brightly coated aluminium panels, which form the framework for the solid aluminium profiles. The polychrome colour scheme and light-flooded rooms contribute to the modern, humane design inside and the visibility of the structure.

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