Edoardo Tresoldi
Sapri, Province of Salerno, Italy
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Edoardo Tresoldi as Architects

“Locus” is a visual-sound performance born out of the collaboration between sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi and acclaimed Italian musician IOSONOUNCANE for DERIVE festival in Sapri, Southern Italy. The first edition of the experimental project of Art, Music and Poetry curated by Antonio Oriente features site-specific events and cross-collaborations between artists in unique performances.

The sculpture was born to host IOSONOUNCANE’s newest and unreleased composition in a marine dimension and in close connection with the natural elements. The bay of Sapri becomes one of the event’s defining elements and acquires a temporal and performative value. Redefining the relationship between artist and audience, the cooperation blends different contemporary languages in a one-time event, with no stage nor physical barriers. An evanescent wire mesh sail emerging from the waters greets the musical performance by filtering the relationship with the audience on the nearby beach.

Transparent planes and volumes interact with electronic soundscapes, creating symphonies and contrasts amplified by the sea’s reverb and the lighting design curated by Luca Agnani. An inclusive performance in which two kindred artistic researches, belonging to different semantic categories, permeate each other without any distortion. The result is a sharing experiment where the location is transfigured in time and the public is an integral part of the work.

"Locus" is a temporary creature that defines contemporaneity out of transience and compenetration between genres. Once its life cycle completed, it disappears, leaving the place to the pre-existing equilibrium.

Material Used :

1. Handcraft wire mesh

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