Loophouse 1

Loophouse 1

Paul McAneary Architects
London, United Kingdom
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Loophouse 1

Paul McAneary Architects as Architects

Brief The owners of this four bedroom Victorian house, untouched since the Seventies, requested PMA to open up the space and to make the garden become part of their living space. They also requested ample storage to house their immense vinyl and CD music collection, and a huge array of shoes. They wanted a calm living space that could easily turn into a ‘nightclub’.

Concept Design Paul McAneary Architects’ major challenge was to create large spaces and huge volumes of storage without spoiling the clean lines. PMA removed all unnecessary walls and corridors forcing linear movements and proposed a ‘loop plan’ that encourages fluidity and efficiency instead. PMA raised the garden to the kitchen floor level to create continuity, designed and placed benches and planters at an angle that creates a false perspective making the garden appear deeper. They created floor-to- ceiling cupboard walls in the kitchen that are sleek and affordable by using Ikea carcasses fitted with high quality doors in the place they are mostly seen. Quality surfaces on the outside white doors and concealed light above them bounce light around the space at night and especially during the day.

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