Maaskade Cuijk

Maaskade Cuijk

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Buro Lubbers

Maaskade Cuijk

Buro Lubbers Landscape architecture & Urbanism as Landscape designer

Cuijk can look back at a long history as village on the Meuse river. Untill the fifties of the 20th century, Cuijk was located directly at the water front, only protected against high water by a wall. Unfortunately, then a heavy road on the embankment created a barrier between village and river. Since 2008, a stunning intervention of Buro Lubbers reconnects the Meuse and the centre of the old Roman village. Inspired by the scale and atmosphere of the river, the studio designed the quayside, the boulevard and the junction with the town and by doing so created a new tourist and recreation area.

The sturdy wall of steel has become the link between village and river. By banking the wall 10%, by seemingly bulking it out of the river bank, both land and water obtain more space. Downstairs at the waterfront the river apparently wins territory, while on the boulevard visitors experience a fluent and spatial transition between city and landscape. The carefully constructed design is characterised by the daring and keen measurements. The huge quayside does not compete with its environment, but forms a subtle harmony. The church that rises high above the quay, the cargo-vessels that pass by on the river, the green river forelands and the discharge docks, all complete each other. While the quay at the side of the village emanates security and the wooden seats at the waterfront offer a grand view, the view at Cuijk from the opposite of the Meuse has changed dramatically. Not only Cuijk acquired a new meeting place and is protected against the unpredictable Meuse in the stormy weather of these day, above all the Dutch river landscape gained an explicit landmark.

The quay side is the first phase of an urban and landscape project of Buro Lubbers in Cuijk. In next phases, among other things, the church and museum square and the cemetery will be redesigned and a plan will be formulated that defines the image quality of housing at the Maasboulevard.

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