Mairie et Relais Postal

Mairie et Relais Postal

Fabienne Bulle architecte et associés
Montigny, Cher, France | View Map
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City hall and post office - Montigny

Fabienne Bulle architecte et associés as Architecte concepteur

It is not only a city hall, a postal office and a square that are being built here, but a story written by multiple hands. It is the link established with people who love their “land”. It is the drawing of a detail around a table and the grasp of the transformation in the eyes of the craftsman and the project management team. It is the understanding of a shared process: to reveal a small piece of land. From three existing building, a former bakery, a bistro and a barn, to creating a friendly space for all of Montigny’s residents to meet, a “Place des Fêtes” and a path for kids going to school, those have been the challenges the agency has gladly accepted. A pleasure shared with its users. A work of analysis of the “constructive layers” accumulated and added over the years. An effort of subtraction of work to go back to the initial blueprint. Also, a work of recuperation of removed materials to reuse them in a new way, sometimes an unexpected one, and above all, a pleasure to build.

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