MBox Cinema

MBox Cinema

James law cybertecture
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MBox Cinema

James law cybertecture as Architects

Cinema The rapid change of films in the film industry, the cinema is where the audience experiences different journeys. The circulation of this energy is the design concept of this project; our aim is to create a landmark full of dynamics. Our interior design is inspired by actions and speed to bring up the tension in movies, creating an unordinary experience for the audiences.

The three-dimensional logo is a multi-faceted LED lights sculpture, extending through the glass and out of the exterior next to the entrance. It continuously plays trailers of new movies, giving the audience a brand new impression of a contemporary cinema layout design. It is a way of promoting their cinema, to let everyone know about MBox cinema. The MBox logo is projected onto the building using laser technologies just like projecting a film, creating vibrant images and an extraordinary impression

The entire space of the building is designed with a contemporary approach to bring up the vibrant images from movies to give the customers an extraordinary experience. There are four irregular independent shaped ticket counters which lights up from below has a touch screen surface on the table which is designed to break a tradition ticket counter. This design is also aimed to bring the distance of the worker and the customer closer, to obtain better services.

The three-dimensional panels are constructed by triangle and multimedia. This includes three-dimensional triangular LCD screens, merging with movie trailers where customers can watch different trailers before purchasing their tickets. The interior design also gives the effect of jumping into virtual spaces. LED electronic posters are used as it is environmentally friendly and to give a more advanced feeling. The reflective wall surfaces create interesting patterns where customers could be entertained while waiting for someone. An electronic message board is also installed to provide information to customers. In addition, the waiting area are fitted with black long benches are extended from the walls of the three-dimensional effect; this makes the interior space more connected and innovative.

The inspiration of the interior design is based on the concept of sound waves, moving out from the screen into the audience. Lights are installed into the walls, hidden in the blue atmosphere. The Light gradually changes and the speakers are hidden to reduced visual obstructions. The seats are specially arranged so that the audience could watch the film at the best angle. Gray carpets are used to give the customers a comfortable environment and it helps reducing the noise generated.

This 298 seater is innovated with a series of Cybertecture interactive and multimedia design. We believe that this theatre will inspire a special, unique and new experience to demanding audiences.

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