Mid-Century House

Alexandra Kidd Design as Architects

Our clients engaged us to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together perfectly. When we arrived on site the architectural language was developed and precise, and the building shell was already well underway. We set out to determine a clear direction for the joinery, decorative architectural elements, and furnishings to seamlessly fit within the architectural framework. We began by exploring the overall materiality. As the project was architecturally driven towards functionality, the palette was decidedly minimal and reflected restraint. We then considered the experience of living in the home through the furnishings. The pace of the home is set with generous proportions and an effortless open plan layout, blurred with nature. Our approach to furniture was to focus on quality, timeless pieces that would fulfil a need, and not just fill a space.

The process has been entirely refreshing, enabling us to really hone in on improving human function and experience with smart, considered design, and allowing the aesthetic form to follow. The home provides space and flexibility to accommodate everyone’s needs, from operable walls that can house intimate movie nights and then as the credits roll, convert to extra bedrooms for tired guests. The sunken lounge screams to hold large celebrations but is also the perfect secluded hiding space for one. The timber batten screening provides a hint of movement to the static staircase, stitching together otherwise unframed moments by capturing memorable linear zoetrope-like scenes of everyday life. It is a home that provides breathing room for all who are in it, and that is

Mid-century Modern is typically characterised by clean, simple lines and honest use of materials, generally free of decorative embellishments, with repetitive, rigorous use of lines and geometry. We stayed true to these principles in all elements of the design. To avoid imitation, it was important to inject carefully considered touches and modern details, such as brass inlay detailing in the terrazzo at the mammoth kitchen island and staircase risers, which beautifully conceals the junction of two planes. At the master suite, we continued the drapes behind the plinth seating and vanity to give an airy quality to visually heavy elevations. 


Material Used :
1. Poliform: Concorde Table
2. SPACE Furniture: Giorgetti, Round low table
3. Fanuli: Flexform Wing Sofa with small arms
4. Cult Design: Maggiolina lounge chair

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Products used in this project
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct name
Sofa with small armsFlexform
TablePoliform S.p.A.
lounge chairCult Design
Round low tableSpace furniture
Product Spec Sheet
Sofa with small arms
lounge chair
Maggiolina by Cult Design
Round low table
Giorgetti by Space furniture
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