Mindfulness in Moscow City

Mindfulness in Moscow City

Exhibition Centres
Stroyeniye S, Moskva, Russia, 123317 - Build completed in 2018

Mindfulness in Moscow City

Leatelier.business as Interior Architects

Every single day 25 thousand people are going through the atrium in Naberezhnaya Tower in Moscow City - 15 thousand of office-workers and 10 000 visitors. The space under the glass roof was busy by Starbucks and very popular as a place for less-formal meetings. That's why it was important to increase the number of seas and to create more comfortable, diverse and semi-open/semi-closed places. Everywhere you can charge your batteries, to let people work

here as alternate to the office upstairs or between meetings for visitors. The perimeter is busy mostly by restaurants and the design solution has to be clear and minimalistic.

Led-screens are hidden by a triplex glass with a special film to show only light and hide other things. The very first idea to mix news with the poetry was transformed to a mindfulness content, was made by a best Moscow trainers for mindfulness. Advises about be here and now, how to focus and how to make a pause to help visitors to stay out a bit from the daily routine.

The main box was made as a radio-translation space for Moscow FM and the radio make translations directly from the cube, live. The architecture of the cube was specially made to this functions - there are several acoustical solutions, including angles walls, isolation and special panels inside.

All the difficulties were mostly about media and technical issues: it was not easy to find a proper film for the triplex, and the most difficult and longest part was to create media content.

Media-architecture is our future, but now it's not easy to find proper people and to estimate how many efforts it will take.

Nastya Kolchina, architect:

I wanted to create a space to touch people emotionally, to let them fill out from their routine and stress. Spatial design and media-content have one common point - to let visitors feel something bigger and common from the everyday problem, a place to inspire, to think and dream.

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