MKK House
Celso Brando

MKK House

Gaudenzi Arquitetura as Architects

Residence with 502,57sqm for young couple with small daughter in urban plot, 10 meters wide by 33 meters depth.

Despite the extensive program, the solution aimed at preserving the largest external area of the terrain as possible.

Natural lighting is present in every compartment of the house. The fluidity between internal and external spaces and between covered and uncovered spaces are the most characteristic aspects of this project, associated with the determining presence of vegetation in the privileged climate of this southern zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Project team
Product Specifications
Ladrilhos BarbacenaHandmade Tile
LuminiiLuminiiLightining and Lamps
Zuidzicht Hasselt
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Zuidzicht Hasselt

Masterplans, Apartments and Housing
Hasselt, Belgium - Build completed in 2014
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