Modern Renaissance Apartments

Modern Renaissance Apartments

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United States

Modern Renaissance Apartments

ONI architects as Architects

Type: apartment Location: New York, United States Project area: 110 sq.m Architects: Melnikov Aleksander, Kharitonov Aleksander

One of the basic principles of Renaissance art was an interest to the man himself and his personality. Based on this premise we have created apartments in the heart of New York, which would emphasize the character of the inhabitant. The monumentality and some well known art masterpieces integrated into the structure of the apartment have enhanced the understanding of the personality of its owner, and at times expand into an unexpected direction. To add integrity and airiness in these apartments and combine it all into a single concept we used an artistic technique called sfumato, created and developed by one of the greatest minds of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci.

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Stone Villa in the Veneto countryside
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Stone Villa in the Veneto countryside

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Venice, Italy - Build completed in 2016
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