Modulo 10x10

Modulo 10x10

Monterrey, Mexico
Project Year
Social Housing

Modulo 10x10

S-AR as Architects

Modulo 10x10 is a social project made to cover the necessity of housing for poor families in Mexico, also to be used in emergency cases for catastrophic situations. The intention of the project is to develop a prototype of an alternative constructive system exploring materials and low cost construction methods, based on the recycle of panels made of Fiberglas that were used as frameworks in the constructions of other buildings. These panels were transformed to a modular flexible system, in which it is possible to create different configurations for the needs of the people. The project is located in a high temperature zone in the north of Mexico and admits design techniques to give insulation and cooling in order to optimize the comfort of the inside. The roof is ventilated with the pass of the air thanks to a void located between the main wood structure, the Carrizo ceiling and the final metallic cover, so the heat is not transmitted directly to the interior. Also cross ventilation is generated by inferior and upper louvers to create a natural torrent of air. For the interior several materials were used to recover the walls to be studied their insulation responses. The foundations was made with used tyres filled with concrete, in these basements was collocated the pilots that supports the construction, which is elevated from the ground to create a torrent of air that cools the floor.

This project is part of a study about construction and economy in this sort of solutions to try to give some response to problems as poverty and lack of housing in Mexico, also for the lack of prototypes for emergency housing feasible for use in conditions of natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, which occur continuously in the country.

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