Morinoie nursery school

Morinoie nursery school

Masahiko Fujimori architect office
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan | View Map
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Morinoie nursery school

Masahiko Fujimori architect office as Architects

The site is located in the central area of Sendai city, an area influenced by recent land readjustment projects. It is expected that this area will continue to develop and increase in residential population. With these circumstances in view, we designed an “urban-style” nursery school building that can efficiently accommodate increased numbers of children, while also encouraging their curiosity, creativity, and connection with the local community.

The rooms and the garden are stacked to make effective use of the limited land area. On the street-facing wall are a number of bay windows in color frames shaped like the block houses that children often draw. This unique visual presentation inspires curiosity, while the bay windows provide extra interior spaces for children to play and expand their creativity.

We aimed to give the nursery school a warm atmosphere with wood materials and comfortable furnishings for the interiors. Meanwhile, the box frame type reinforced concrete construction provide strength, safety and durability. The colorful bay windows present the energy and activity inside the building to the surrounding neighborhood, offering the site as a positive symbol for the town and a bond between the children and their local community.

We hope that this building design will carry a happy, childlike energy throughout the neighborhood, encouraging a vibrant atmosphere in this town where the community is still developing.

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