Moscow Housing

Moscow Housing

Moscow, Russian Federation

International Housing Competition

o25 as Architects

MATRYOSHKA PRINCIPLE OFFICE 25 WORKED ON THIS PROJECT WITH AHYLO LAB The housing block is organized by using four apartment types, designed in a way that all share the same mathematical proportions and each performs as a subdivision or enclosure of the others. These four types appear in different orientations and scales. This fractal logic of the apartment distributions offers many possible rearrangements and re-subdivisions of the same building outline, and applies to all scales, from unit (apartment) to sets of units (block) and finally to the larger scale of the city (sets of blocks). As a result, local apartment arrangements generate unique housing blocks that share the same inherent design rules. From a real estate point of view, this flexibility allows for solutions of various design qualities and therefore of various budgets. On the ground level along the highway we propose a hard commercial boundary. The rest of the ground level keeps a semi-public character with parking spaces and gardens, oriented only for the inhabitants. Both the landscape below the apartments’ level and the planted terraces distributed in-between the apartments function as semi-public – public and semi-public – private accordingly.

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