Multiplex TCUM

Multiplex TCUM

MONO Architects
Kiev, Ukraine | View Map
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Andrey Bezuglov

The main idea: a space that would become an Instagrammable spot for visitors to the Kyiv Central Department Store.

MONO Architects as Architects

Our bureau was responsible for designing the interior of the first cinema to exist in the Kyiv Central Department Store. The main aim was to create an instantly recognizable and modern interior for this significant public space.

The walls of the premium cinema hall in the Central Department Store are covered in thousands of aluminum tubes, each made to order and installed separately.

Our team chose wear-resistant, durable materials that meet fire safety requirements and correspond to the curved shape of the cinema halls, all the while creating a pleasing aesthetic.

The final accent of the hall, and the highlight of the project, is the ceiling of the cinema. An impressive luminous fringe, it is woven from more than 19,000 acrylic threads, illuminated by LEDs.

The cinema space creates an atmosphere of timelessness, where you could spend an eternity without realizing it. It melds modern day simplicity and classic glamour – it has no unnecessary details, and its minimalistic design echoes the feel of a modern metropolis.

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