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Musical Harmony

Musical Harmony

Merav Zohar
Northen Kibbutz in Israel
Project Year
Residential Landscape

Musical Harmony

Merav Zohar as Interior designer

On the ruins on an old farmhouse, interior designer Merav Zohar designed a warm and very personal house for a young family with 4 kids, made entirely of music, love, happiness and humor - the result was pure harmony.

Starting the project, she was asked by the family to create a warm and embracing nest, with happiness built into it. They wanted an intimate yet welcoming home that will be hospitable for friends and family, and also that will enable the family to grow and develop. They requested the space to be simple in feel and color, fun for all ages, and finally - to allow the family to spend quality time together, while creating a clear division between the public and private spaces.

With this in mind, the family brought a feng-shui consultant to create a balanced energetic map, that described the experience, materials, colors and feel of the new home. It served as a guide and a base for creativity and personal touch that came from connecting with the family and their unique personalities.

The home consists of two floors, with most of the activity centering around the ground floor. Entering the home through light blue double front doors, embedded with unique glass decorations, a naturally lit spacious area with a high ceiling unfolds consisting of a family room, living room, kitchen and dining area. Adding to the natural harmony of the home, natural light is one of the main motives of the house and enters from every possible direction - from tall windows to a high ceiling pier.

At the family’s request, the kitchen was designed to be the center of the home, not because of it’s culinary importance but rather since it is the family’s preferred place of gathering.

The harmonious colors of the house reflect a happy, calm and quiet atmosphere, and are brought about mainly by small decorations and an assortment of carefully selected furniture - the light green cabinet in the family room, the custom designed light blue ceramic tiles in the kitchen and many more. Several unique creative touches were added, such as the actual family tree hung with family pictures and personal items, that gives the family members a space for “disorganized happiness” and personal creativity.

One of the biggest creative challenges Merav faced, was how to add the family’s great love for music into the design - one example of how this was done, are the custom made, 3D musical figures hung on the walls, all made of multi layered wood, and adding warmth with a musical touch you can almost hear.

A uniqe idea for a "computer corner" near the private rooms was toutilize the tile as well as the staircase railing to build a tile's furniture boxes that create   a great space for that aim. They love it!! 

Though the photographs of the home describe it the best, there’s nothing quite like hearing it. So, after the project was done, the new home owner told Merav she loved singing in her new kitchen - this was the ultimate sign for our talented interior designer, that she has fulfilled her goal, and created a home of musical harmony for the family, that will be part of the soundtrack of their lives.

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