MV House

MV House

Garza Maya Arquitectos
Chihuahua, Mexico
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MV House

Garza Maya Arquitectos as Architects

MV House is located west of the city of Chihuahua, in a closed subdivision with privileged views of the city, the land is east facing. Customers were looking for views of the city as well as a large garden, where you could have visual control from anywhere in the house.


The scheme arises from the geometry of the terrain, where the west orientation adjoins a right of way of rainwater, which allowed us to separate more from the adjoining wall and take advantage of the views.


The shape of the house responds to the function of the spaces and plays with the geometry of circles and juxtaposed rectangles that embrace the garden towards the interior of the project and respond to the views of the city on the main facade and north façade.


In the social area composed of the dining room and living room, a rectangle is subtracted to achieve a double height, allowing the garden to be integrated into the interior space and lighting from the north thanks to the double height. A bridge that flies between the window of the garden and the double height joins the remaining volumes on the top floor. In addition when crossing the bridge, we get privileged views towards the mountains.


The stairs are a protagonist element, they are seen flying from the main façade, which helps us to read how the project works from the outside and also function as a sculptural element. 


On the ground floor, with access from the garage and the terrace, there is a music room, oriented to the west, with structural walls of concrete that work like louvers that open to the north, allowing to have views and light, at the same time they give privacy.


In the rear façade facing northeast there is a mountain with more than 20 meters high and throws a shadow in the multipurpose room located on the ground floor and in the main bedroom upstairs. Besides giving a feeling of contact with nature thanks to the large Windows located in both floors overlooking the mountain and garden.


Above the garage, children's bedrooms fly, they have views towards the park of the main facade and the mountains, as well as having natural lighting and ventilation from the east.


The materials used for the construction of the house are concrete, steel and glass. The concrete walls that have contact with the exterior are isolated with extruded polystyrene that helps to delay the entry of heat in summer and cold in winter.


Material Used :

1. Concrete - GCC Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua

2. Kitchen - Olivia Montiel Arquitectura de Interiores (blum, hafele, Marble Quartz - white quartz)

3. Furniture - Olivia Montiel Arquitectura de Interiores (tzalam, Marble Quartz - white quartz)

4. Wood in facade - Grupo Tenerife Chihuahua (deck ipe)

5. Ground floor and upper floor tile - Grupo Tenerife Chihuahua (travertino romano mate y recinto)

6. Bathrooms - Grupo Tenerife Chihuahua (marble crema sage)

7. Glass Panel - H Arrieta // Puertas y Ventanas

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Grupo TenerifeWood in facade - deck ipe, Ground floor and upper floor tile - Travertino romano mate y recinto, Bathrooms - marble crema sage
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