Nakashio Clinic

Nakashio Clinic

Atelier KAN
Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
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Photography: Photo Office Informercial

Nakashio Clinic

Atelier KAN as Architects

It is a clinic to be built in Kanoya city of Osumi Peninsula. Because there is a level difference of almost one floor on the site, we had a structure to receive earth pressure at the semi-underground part, and the first floor part of the clinic was able to be an extensive flat surface incorporating the courtyard etc. In the bird's-eye view, the volumes with different elongated height and height jumped against the steps are connected while being shifted, causing a change in the inner space such as a corridor with a high ceiling height, a waiting wait.

Exterior of the entrance side is an image dotted with architectural elements made of familiar materials such as wood and painted walls in a gate-shaped frame that was lowered. Furthermore, it expresses that it is a facility opened to the street by the space of an open waiting through which a basement courtyard can be seen through from the viewpoint of the volume. In the courtyard facing the corridor-like space that continues from waiting, the water surface like the stream like a continuous stream from the existing pond is made to reflect the water surface and the weather.

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