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Bureau Tania Mane
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native Artist

Bureau Tania Mane as Designers

Knowing the new in yourself is inspiration. Inspiration is the knowing of the new in yourself. Creating a home for a young man of 28 years. Educated, advanced, traveling. Task: minimal design with a minimum number of items. Techniques: clarity, clarity, concreteness, creativity. The solution: nature, modernity, relevance, future, creativity. Creativity: the possibility of using art objects on the background of the subject interior with the possibility of changing creative approaches.

Axiom: each object has its own electromagnetic energy vibrations. Depending on who makes the interior design and the one from which it collects, then it produces a certain electromagnetic energy radiation of the apartment. The created interior design in this apartment helps to prepare the owner of this apartment to perceive the electromagnetic energy vibrations of the paintings of the artist Georgy Fomiryakov. These pictures change the life of the owner of the picture.

In this project only modern high-tech and environmental materials were used: porcelain stoneware, wood, porcelain, glass. The idea: Nothing should detract from the local movement forward and that is why the same technological methods are used in place. Since the tiles of the Italian factory One collection is used both in the kitchen and on the balcony and in the bathroom and in the dressing room. Just the same in all rooms used plinths and trim, wallpaper, lamps and furniture.

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Wellington, New Zealand - Build completed in 2018
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