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+31ARCHITECTS from Amsterdam presents a new line of a solar-powered houseboats called the Naturecruiser&Waterloft, a series of sailing houseboats, which can sail over lakes and rivers to reach every port city, marina or large lakes and natural areas with water in Europe.

According to +31ARCHITECTS there is a lot of demand for this type of home for the real adventurer with whom you can not only live on the water but can also sail!

"When I wake up, I look to the water. In the rising sun I jump in and come out full of energy - a day can´t start more perfect for me! After many nights on boat landing stages I have decided, that I wanted to live on the water. That´s how the idea came to build a living ship" founder WSM Die Wohnschiff-Manufaktur

The Naturecruiser is the first design of +31ARCHITECTS that can sail itself and has been developed into a product that is available to view on the designated.

The concept

The Naturecruiser can be moored at a fixed berth in a marina, but it is also possible to unload the trusses and sail over the lakes and rivers, making the many port cities and marinas or larger lakes in Europe reachable.

With the design a monolithic shape is created where the hull seamlessly discrete changes into the roof shape. This creates a slender rounded long shape with a nautical appearance. With this form, this floating houseboat distinguishes itself from others with often rectangular, non-streamlined shapes. The result is a modern, sailing, slender house that is halfway between a houseboat and a ship.

The ambition of the Naturecruiser is to use sustainable sources and minimize waste. The energy concept of the boat consists of the use of solar panels and solar collectors that are fitted on the roof the roof for the generating solar energy and warm water so that the houseboat in the marina can be virtually self-sufficient.

The Naturecruiser is equipped with hybrid electric drive and in the future one will think of a drive on a hydrogen engine.

The water and sewerage concept for the Naturecruiser is aimed at using water from lakes or rivers. The water will be cleaned on board in a purification system and then transported in a water tank.

The waste water is first stored to a waste water tank and then cleaned in a next tank to be clean enough before it is discharged back into the lakes. To improve the speed of sailing, the cleaning system will be out of use during sailing and the water storage tanks will be emptied to save weight while sailing.

The hull of the ship is made of aluminium to protect and preserve the water and animal world. It is a sailing houseboat which gives you an ecological experience on and around the water.


The design consists of large window frames on 3 sides of the ship that not only provide plenty of daylight, but also provides the user with outward views of their surroundings. This transparency is characteristic of +31ARCHITECTS designs and ensures a maximum water experience and a direct relationship with nature. From your bed, from the roof terrace, the front deck - or the back deck - the living room or the bathroom you can immediately jump into the water, and then dry up and relax on the sunny roof terrace or on the semi-covered front deck or the small terrace at the rear of the ship.


All sailing houseboat models offer maximum comfort for the real water lover. Varying from the 15 meters long Naturecruiser, with a very compact floor plan; up to the 24 meters long Waterloft, with a very generous layout, making clever use of the storage space under the deck.

Each model can be carefully constructed according to the specific wishes of the customer.

The WSM Wohnschiffmanufaktur builds a prototype of the Waterloft type in Germany, designed by +31ARCHITECTS. The sailing houseboat is built in an ecologically responsible manner, with special attention paid to the use of sustainable materials and installations.

The ambition of the designers and entrepreneurs, who made the floating houseboats marketable as a product, is emphasized by their statement “we only want to construct ships in which we would like to live"

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