NBD - Doppelmayr Headquarters

NBD - Doppelmayr Headquarters

Wolfurt, Austria
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AllesWirdGut as Architects

3-Aug-2017 Global Village The landmark silhouette of the new corporate headquarters marksthe entrance to the Hohe Brücke business park in Wolfurt, Vorarlberg. Articulated into individual volumes, the complex presents itself, despite its varying building heights and sizes, as a convincing ensemble with a significant presence. With its strong identity and high recognition value, the new building also visually anchors the company at its location in the Rhine valleyplain.

Traditionally rooted in Wolfurt, the industry-leading ropeway technology company was always embedded in the village structure of the town’s Rickenbach district. Reinterpreting precisely that urban-design situation in the now location was the guiding idea that informed the new building. Lined up left and right of a central backbone axis, alongside which all community areas are situated, are cubic individual buildings that accommodate different-sized office areas.

This circulation area with its inward, outward, and through-views provides for a spatial experience of high amenity quality and is the distinctive characteristic of the design. The focus is on communication, internal exchange, and cooperation while concentration and undisturbed work still remain possible.

The new building emphasizes qualities like precision, innovation, and advanced technology,which the Vorarlberg-based company stands for; at the same time, the building’s internal organizationcenters on the needs of the people working here.

19-Mar-2014 The number 1 on the ropeway world market Doppelmayr is planning a newcorporate headquarter in Wolfurt (Vorarlberg, Austria). The architecturalcompetition was won by AllesWirdGut Architects. Construction starts in 2014 andis scheduled to be completed in mid‐2016.

The urban planning concept of the AWG design shows a complex separated into severalindividual buildings. The jury statement says that “despite different scales and heights ofthe individual building parts the result is a convincing whole of high significance andrecognition value.”

Office areas of different sizes are grouped along an inner backbone where all communalareas are situated. This interior spatial zone with the many different views andperspectives that it permits, inside and out, affords user a high‐quality spatialexperience, which makes for the special character of the design.

This contemporary building underscores qualities like precision and advancedtechnology that DOPPELMAYR stands for while centering on the up to 5500 employeeswho will have their workplace here.

The statement of the jury says, “The building concept is highly unconventional for anoffice building. The project has the potential to create a very special work sphere, abuilding in which communication and collaboration are in the foreground but which alsoenables concentration and quiet working.”

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