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Net Blow-up Yokohama

Net Blow-up Yokohama

Numen / For Use
ZOU-NA-HANA terrace, Yokohama, Japan | View Map
Project Year
Tomohisa Tasho and Numen/For Use

Net Blow-up Yokohama

Numen / For Use as Designers

Net Blow up is a further development of the Net (text see further down) project both in means of construction and appearance. The object is inflated till the outer surface reaches adequate tension for stretching the nets connected on the inner side of the object. This construction excludes any use of additional structure.

The result is a soft object which deforms and mutates with every movement of its temporary habitants. The outer membrane acts both like a "soft box" diffuser of the outside light, or a projection screen in case of inner illumination of the installation. Projected shadows of visitors entraped in the internal net structure resemble shadow theatre performances form East Asia.

Net consists of multiple layers of flexible nets suspended in the air. The flat layers of the net are subsequently connected one to another on counterpoints to form a “floating landscape" open for visitors to climb in and explore. The result is an op-art social sculpture (or a community hammock) relating to topics of instability, levitation and regression. The visitors should be able to enter the installation at "ground floor" and climb the transparent structure to the highest level. Or just hang around like in an oversized public hammock. http://www.numen.eu/installations/net/hasselt/

Net evolved from our interest in transparent artificial landscapes of ephemeral architecture in public space. Our ultimate goal is to cover closed backyards from wall to wall, one layer of net per floor, enabling the inhabitants to step out their windows into transparent landscapes. This will not only bring the possibility of sensation of flying but more importantly reinvent a concept of backyard as common place for all people who live there. The aim is creation of a net(work) for integration of neighborhood who became alienated in recent years, a kind of public balcony for a future community. For sure there is also the possibility to climb up to the "last floor" to have there your sun-bath."

Size: 10 x 6 x 6 m

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