Nieuwegein Kunstcluster

Nieuwegein Kunstcluster

de Architekten Cie.

Koschuch Architects
Nieuwegein, Netherlands | View Map
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Nieuwegein Kunstcluster

de Architekten Cie. as Architects

The Art Cluster comprises two linked blocks of the new city center of Nieuwegein: the theater arts center and the overhead garage with a commercial plinth. The theater will have two rooms: a large room with 650 to 700 seats and a small hall with 200 seats. This is a room with a flat floor and folding stage, which can be used for all kinds of performances, including (pop) music. Three spectacular foyers and a theater café overlooking the Square make it complete. On top of the theater is the art center, where some music, dance, and theater programs are housed.

The glass facade is printed with a print that raises the illusion of (theater) curtains. This print also significantly reduces the percentage of transparency on the south and east façade and thereby prevents overheating by the sun. While on the south side of the town square, where the foyers and most people are, the transparency and translucency of the printed paint stimulates the exchange of the view from inside outward (and vice versa). Who walks over the town square in 2011, will see the visitors in a twenty meter high 'shop window'. The theatergoers will in their turn look from the three foyers, 5, 10 and 15 meters raised over the center.

Almost all cars in the renewned center go underground, except for the parking garage next to the Art Cluster. The block will look soon as a green lung in the stone city. In the design process, after analysis, the theme emerged of the CO2 neutral parking garage, not only in construction but also emphatically of operation. The garage has a four meter thick side frontage to the town square, where a cascade stairs works it’s way up / down through six meter tall bamboo plants. The image of this bamboo is translated into a graphic print on the railings and other glass parts.

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