Notre Dame

Notre Dame

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Notre Dame

UMA - Ulf Mejergren Architects as Architects

Most proposals that we have seen puts way too much focus and effort on the spire; a rather recent addition built in the 19th century renovation.

We think that the cathedral looks much better without both the spire and the led-clad roof. Instead we let the bell towers, the flying buttresses and the rose windows do the talking.

Given that we’re in the epicenter of Paris, the world’s cultural capital and a city filled with joie de vivre, where not planning on rebuilding the roof as it was.

Instead we are proposing a meditative public space; a complementary spatial experience to the building with unmatched views over Paris..

The spire is gone, but the twelve statues of the apostles that where put away during the restoration and managed to escape the fire, are once again back at the roof, now as guardians around a large public pool that occupies the whole roof. 

Maybe the pool will be replaced in a hundred years or so, becoming another layer of great stories for the future.

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