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Nursery in Komagome

Nursery in Komagome

Naoyuki Tokuda / tokudaction
Komagome Station, Tokyo, Japan | View Map
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Masaki Komatsu

Inviting space

Naoyuki Tokuda / tokudaction as Architects

This project is renovation work of the entire floor of one of the 10-story building in Toshima Ward, Tokyo to Nursery space. The site is located on the second floor.

Since we are consider the building is short-lived, it has been required to construct the space with inexpensive and sustainable materials which could be re-contructable in case of transfer to the other places. Therefore, we planned to finishing space only on furniture and curtain works and concentrate point design on the toilet space.

Toilet space is usually located in the corner of the room, but here by placing it at the center of space; we tried to give a new role which is connecting different spaces and functions together. Children are training bowel habit in the middle of a pink space that conjures up the human body, and the colors spreads out and connects to the other spaces.

From the piece of wooden handrail to the wall finishing, and from the parts of bookshelf to the chair, the texture and rhythm of wood is created by using same material from large fixture to small surface finishing. Curtains give different resolution of outside view from inside, and the handrails and wooden tiles, which were originally the same piece of material, are in an inverted and continuous relationship one another, directing the gaze toward outside.

We hope that a small child who absorbs anything purely like litmus paper could enjoy and be immersed in this space.

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