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NY Tattoo Studio

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Tal Ben Yakar

NY Tattoo Studio

ON STUDIO as Architects

In designing the Tattoo Studio, it was important to first conceive of a concept that captures the materiality and sensuality of the experience of the world of tattoos, particularly that of designer Noam Yona.


Noam is a gifted tattoo artist who works with precise and unique language characteristic of his fine line tattoo style.


The world of tattoos is comprised of elements of creative expression, layering, pain, exposure and depth. For this reason, we chose unprocessed raw materials- materials in their natural state, with the thought that in time, life will bring to them the wear and tear of change. Every piece of material will ultimately embody its characteristic texture, coloration and visibility.


At first, we "undressed" the space, changing the front of the studio with a new showcase with a particularly thin, black metal profile. This gives an urban look to the studio linking it with its local environment. We then unpeeled the plaster from central wall of the space, built from cement and blocks. This revealed a row of white ytong autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. Merging the cement column, white and grey blocks gives the wall a unique look of layers, hues and textures.


We placed an oak table, 7 meters long, to line the wall- this is the workplace for the three tattooists of the studio. Above that, in parallel, is a metal net-like long shelf with portable wood boxes which house the tools and tattoo equipment.


At the entrance to the studio we placed a reception counter made from old wood and metal drawers and brass handles. Just nearby, the lounge corner was designed as both waiting space and place for receiving guest. Therewe integrated a colored rug and leather benches to complete the smoky-like appearance.


Plants are an inseparable part of the design of the lounge corner and the whole studio, for that matter. We combined several focal points of different potted plants that give verdant life to the space.


The palette of the space reflects a colorful and natural material mix combining both warmth and an industrial feel. The ceiling was painted in a terracotta hue, connected to the clay pots of plants. Also, the work and reception counter of smoked natural oak communicates well with the fishbone blackened floorboard.


A portable metal partition, designed to be reminiscent of industrial lockers, acts to divide the space for privacy during tattooing sessions. Its natural metallic appearance exposes welding and filing marks.


All the elements composing the space were personally designed, custom made with each supplier chosen, with sensitive attention given to detail and materials. This all adds up to an airy space that is pleasing to the eye and which creates a sense of harmony and balance between all the elements.


Material Used:

1. Smoked natural oak wood

2. Cement and blocks

3. White ytong autoclaved aerated

4. Natural Metal

5. Brass

6. Black fishbone parquete

7. Leather

8. Iron

9. Terracotta

10. Metal net-like

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Product Spec Sheet

Brown leather chairsUnited Seats
Custom made carpentry and metal work- front desk, metal divider, Iron partition and Iron shelfWishbone Site Furnishings
Product Spec Sheet
Brown leather chairs
Custom made carpentry and metal work- front desk, metal divider, Iron partition and Iron shelf
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