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Office and commercial building Postplatz
Florian Selig

Office and commercial building Postplatz

TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten as Architects

New construction of an office- and commercial building
In the city centre at Dresden's Postplatz, directly opposite the historic Zwinger, a new six-storey solitary building with an additional staggered storey and two basement floors was built. The block-like, pronounced perimeter development encloses a greened inner courtyard, which is located above the roof area of the second floor. The project has a total rental area of around 18,250 sqm (approx. 30,320 sqm GFA) and around 150 parking spaces in the two-storey underground car park. The building was erected as a reinforced concrete structure consisting of columns, reinforced concrete walls and flat slabs. The two basement floors were constructed as a waterproof reinforced concrete structure.

The mix of uses provides for commercial space on the ground floor and first floor and offices and a fitness centre on the second floor. Apartments for rent were built on the third to fifth floors. Penthouse apartments and a sky bar with a unique view of the Zwinger are located on the top floor. All sides facing the streets and the southern courtyard entrance were clad with a heat-insulated clinker brick façade with a colour gradient from bottom dark to top light. The rounded corners of the building at Postplatz and Mitte Marienstrasse allow the building to blend softly into the streets.

The ground floor and first floor are optically merged into a raised floor by two-storey window elements made of aluminium profiles (with advertising panel in the ceiling area), regular pillars and facade openings, which are additionally bordered by a jamb made of concrete or ashlar. A four-storey perforated façade with a paired arrangement of windows spans over this. Public access is provided from the surrounding streets. A total of eight staircases are available. Access to the underground car park is via a ramp on Antonsplatz street. The aim is to achieve DNGB certification in gold.

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