Office as a spaceship for EOH IT Hub

Office as a spaceship for EOH IT Hub

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Project Year
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
ChairHerman Miller
Mirra 2, Setu Chair
Stool, CouchLapalma
ChairArper SPA
Floor lampFlos

Product Spec Sheet
Mirra 2, Setu Chair by Herman Miller
Stool, Couch
KIPU, PLUS | Sofa by Lapalma
Floor lamp

Office as a spaceship for EOH IT Hub

Studio Perspektiv as Interior Architects

What was the brief ?
We began with the idea of merging two opposite scales. The microscopic and the macroscopic. Cells have to divide in order to multiply, grow and specialize properly. Space, on the other hand, seems not to care too much about anything. Yet, its decreasing temperature and increasing entropy seems mysterious and, in an odd way, inviting to mankind. Inspired by varying and distinct phenomena of each scale, we communicate the idea through organic structures, anorganic surfaces, semitransparent walls and membranes, laser beams and an assorted color palette of a galaxy far far away.


What were the key challenges ?
The EOH IT Hub office project looks with confidence into the bright future of mankind. Thanks to close cooperation with the client, wemanaged to realize a work that carries several meanings and transcends the profane typological category called “office.” It’s a thrown-down glove for all the IT crowd of the whole galaxy.


What materials did you choose and why ?
Reflections, transparency, glitches, mirroring. Starring light and its properties. Thin line profiles, which are installed not only in common areas and corridors, but also in meeting rooms and in some workplaces, are multiplied in stainless steel floor tiles and dark lacobel surfaces. In some places, they drift into the slatted ceiling, somewhere they themselves create a ceiling. Meanwhile, the shimmer of ideally shaped luminous bodies drops down on the bar counter.

A 45 degree angle of oak veneer mocks gravity and partly simulates the freedom of movement in a weightless state. Kitchen cabinets are designed to withstand the impact of space bodies. Plates of annealed steel follow each other precisely, the material is spotless – only its abstracted essence remains. The door opens to the touch, the handles render obsolete.Large-format stainless steel floor panels were treated with a water jet to form a solid metal surface. Glazed partitions with frames embedded in floors and ceilings leave room for maximum transparency. Proper care was also given to exposed ceilings. Cabling and technological wiring are precisely arranged, following the luminaire grid and copying the edges of individual honeycombs.


Material Used :
Interior lighting:
Mirror Ball, Tom Dixon
Splitbox 3, DeltaLight
Luminator, Flos

Interior furniture:  
Chair, Colina M, Arper
Chair, Setu Chair, Herman Miller
Chair, Mirra 2 Chairs, Herman Miller
Stool, Kipu, Lapalma
Chair,  Navy chair, Emeco
Stool, Stand-up, Wilkhahn
Couch, Plus, La Palma
Stool, Fatboy Outdoor, Fatboy
Table, Slit table, Hay

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Hauptstraße 26, 3430 Neuaigen, Austria - Build completed in 2020
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