One Mall Valenzuela

WTA Architecture and Design Studio as Architects

Serving as a collective center for its community is One Mall Valenzuela. Covering about 31,400-square meters, the mall is located amidst an expressway, a population of 95,000, schools, and universities, it serves as a lynchpin for the neighborhood as an everyday respite and a communal destination point, providing a rich and varied shopping experience while providing basic goods and open public spaces.

This contemporary shopping center is programmed as a circuit that runs throughout various zones and shops, accentuated with major shopping areas such as the department store, supermarket, and the food court, resulting to more exploration around the building. The plazas, a sky deck, and fine touches of nature creates a setting for al-fresco dining, events and outdoor activities.

The flat, widespread appearance of the mall on site footprint is counteracted by its characteristic terrace plazas, prominent exterior stairs, and play of colors. These icons contribute to the mall’s conception of looping structure, which allow foot traffic to freely permeate the various zones and shops. Multi-level shopping is also encouraged by distribution of ‘magnets’ — standard shopping areas — throughout to further encourage exploration and increase stroll time. The plazas are distributed in a three-dimensional grid, allowing secondary and tertiary floors to become more attractive and spacious. The interiors are boosted by a pallete that utilize a tetradic (double complementary) color scheme, assuring a playful effect without the design being over-stimulating, confusing, and simply over the top.

One Mall Valenzuela dissolves the boxed image of most malls by embodying the programs of a public square. It is visualized to be the park that the locality of Valenzuela lacks at present – a place where people will interact, spend leisurely time, and be united as a community.

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