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PA House is a private house for a small and new settled family. There are three bedrooms including one master bedroom and two bedrooms reserving for guest and their child in the future. There are two main requirements. First, the owners require a great common area for living and dining, where the owners always get together with their friends as the new generation’s lifestyle does.


Second, the house is required to be roomy, airy and private from the unpleasant surroundings. The concept design began with studying the surrounding buildings to locate each function to the site appropriately. The surrounding buildings are not only the conditions but are also like the assistance to help architects plan the layout and zoning of this house.


In order to achieve the requirements, the wall planes are created for screening out the outside-in view, opening the inside-out view and creating an internal space in the same time. The main area of the house is the common area where owners can have dinner and take 180 degree view of the green area through the swimming pool. Each wall plane is intentionally designed to float and locate around the house to define the house’s view and shade out the sunlight getting into the area simultaneously.


Material Used:

1. Natural Stone: Supergenti: Stone Gallery

2. Stone Pattern Tile - World Ceramic

3. Engineering Floor - German Standard - Medici

4. Lighting - Light Up

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