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Pajarito La Aurora Kindergarten

Pajarito La Aurora Kindergarten

Plan:b Arquitectos

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Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia | View Map
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Primary Schools
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Pajarito La Aurora Kindergarten

Plan:b Arquitectos as Architects

Kindergartens are fragments of the city located on the west slope of the Aburrá valley. The lots were drawn with geometric rigor in the middle of a very imprecise mountain that will house a partial plan. How to confront a natural landscape so important knowing it would disappear?

We like to work with the natural landscape and tried to understand it in all its complexity. That’s why kindergartens were an opportunity to become, at least for a while, in a architect gardener. That’s the reason why we understood the gardens as buildings. These kindergartens are composed by diverse elements that unite and have reciprocal importance. We seek that the architecture is reciprocal with nature, that the place we were configuring was really important for the growth and development of the kids thanks to the mutual collaboration of the parts, the whole and the equivalent relationship between architecture and nature.

These elements that configure the kindergarten are didactic and educational. They allow inhabiting the exterior through observation and coexistence, creating awareness about the nature, the human body and the relations that join them.

The kindergartens were thought in reinforced concrete. This material allowed us to have the plasticity that we searched to relate ourselves to the natural territory. To use this configuration of repetitive elements in concrete made easier the construction of the projects, because once the structure was finished, the rest of the project was practically completed.

To repeat elements of non-regular geometric shapes allowed us to obtain an exterior space with meanders, a space rich in diversity of small playgrounds. The buildings undulate on the floor plan and in the section as a river that crosses the territory. In the ground they adapt to the topography and generate incoming and out coming spaces that are imitated by the landscape. In the elevation the sloped roofs rise and fall to the landscape drawing a line that evokes the mountains and hills of our topography.

We understand this playful and educative space as a vegetal garden in itself, by this we mean a place where species can grow, be cultivated, where the inhabitants are taken care of and enjoy this process. It’s important to understand the word garden as a geometric display, as an organized space where the stronger plants are located in the outlines protecting the growing sprouts.

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