P.E.M Vitré

P.E.M Vitré

Vitré, France
Project Year
Thomas Vittu

P.E.M Vitré

TETRARC as Architects

The Multimodal Interchange project in Vitré is a large urban development project.

More than a simple equipment, this project appears to be an urban graft intended to simplify uses, federate functions and join territories. To do this, it assimilates the components of its surroundings by ensuring all the vital functions assigned to it.

This project includes the creation of :

1. A pedestrian footbridge in Vitré Station, spanning over the railway, from the north to south of the town serving all the platforms.

2. An 620 spaces underground car park , overrun buy a second pedestrian footbridge, connecting the first footbridge to the « Place de la Victoire » and thus creating a pedestrian h journey from this square to the Northen Station car park. Due to its large capacity, this car park must be a powerful object: its length is around 130 metres and its height reaches almost 10 metres.

« Fade into the cliff » the project stretch is the overall body of the car park to the site's eastern tip, decomposing it in a set of successive recess in order to make it answer the dominant morphological rhythms of the site. The work on the perception of the mass of this equipment is coupled with a green development of all its roofs, s it can be assimilated to the current green nature of the south cliff.

« Offer a sensory path » From the upper parking area, the pedestrian path is not only divided into functional sequences that easy the use of lifts, stairs or stairways. It is also thought as a psychologically fragmented journey along the distance (180 m) to be crossed , in many attractive points of view on the Castle of Vitré and all the ancient city , inversely by gradually zooming in on the landscape and built land marks of the south hillside.

3. A path connecting the upper part of the Place de la Victoire to rue Pierre Lemaître along the south façade of the car park, against the existing hillside.

4. A public space serving the underground car park, an overground car park with 16 space, drop-off spaces serving the Ecole Sainte Marie (St. Mary's School) and the Station via the footbridge, and a road system curving around a plot of land earmarked for the future construction of an office building.

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