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The fit-out for Pepsico Turkey’s new 3800 sqm. office space is the new home to company’s 260 staff. The new office building is on a central city hub. It consolidates new staff and existing staff from the headquarters on the Asian side of Istanbul in the new offices on Maslak – Levent route.

It introduces the implementation of a new way of working with open space workstations on the perimeter and enclosed offices attached to the core of the tower, the purpose being more daylight for everyone.

The space is flexible as the employees are mobile most of the time, sometimes with visitors from other offices around the world that need a space to work as well. Touch-down stations with no ownership of workspace are added to the design for this purpose. The workspaces can be arranged and re-arranged in different ways to support interactions and various team configurations with differentiated workplace activities. The contemporary design demonstrates space optimization through movable dividers, privacy screens and booths that can be adapted into collaboration space or meeting areas. Informal meeting points are added throughout the design because everything is so quick and urgent in this new office era. You meet, speak your mind quickly, take decisions with your co-workers and leave for your desk to complete other tasks, all in 8 minutes maybe. The design aims to serve for this purpose increasing teamwork and collaboration.

The task furniture is space-efficient with areas of desks assigned to teams and departments as well as individual staff. All furniture allows flexibility to be rearranged in the future. The directors enclosed offices on one floor are located around the core with a glass partition looking out to the circulation area and open-office space. The team leaders’ semi-private offices are located in the same manner on the second floor. This enabled the design team to open up the office space and have daylight and views for everyone.

Project: PEPSICO OFFICE Location: TEKFEN TOWER, 4. LEVENT, ISTANBUL Design Team: YUDUM BOYTORUN – SEMIH BOYTORUN - BASAR SEVIN – IZZET FILIZER – HANDE SANLIMESHUR Office: BOYTORUN MİMARLIK Client: PEPSICO Construction Area (m2): -2.floor 1550 m2 - 1.floor 1700 m2 Project Category: Office Photographer: GURKAN AKAY

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Agritur "La Dolce Mela", casa dell'agricoltore
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Agritur "La Dolce Mela", casa dell'agricoltore

Strada di Pedegaza, 14, Ciago, Trentino, Italy - Build completed in 2019
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