Plaça d’Europa Parking

Plaça d’Europa Parking

Marià Castelló Arquitecte
Plaça d’Europa. Es Pujols, Formentera, Spain
Project Year
Car Parks
Estudi Es Pujol de s’Era

Plaça d’Europa Parking

Marià Castelló Arquitecte as Architects

The intervention aims to provide 136 parking spaces to the coastal area of the village of Es Pujols, which concentrates the major part of tourism on the island of Formentera. In order to release the pressure of road traffic for pedestrians in the entire area of the Plaza de Europa, it has been developed a building of 3018 m2 completely buried whose cover forms a public space.

The simple geometry of the plant helps to optimize the use of the surface and only altered by an annex of facilities, whose facade is the result of the creation of the access ramp at the middle of the northeastern end of the building. Behind this unique building facade are located the control center, bathroom, water deposit and fire fightihng facilities.

Inside, the regular program of the isotropy functional and structural system have only an exception on the insertion of a longitudinal patio which absorbs the regulatory needs of natural ventilation, while visually connecting the parking level with the public space of the Plaza de Europa. This longitudinal section also represents an important source of natural light and houses inside the evacuation elements and vegetation that bring to mind the existing indigenous pine forest before the urbanization of the area. Thus the user, after parking the vehicle, intuitively directs himself towards this central court guided by natural lighting, and from there, goes to the upper plaza through the stairs or the elevators. Also at the core of the elevator it has been placed a cash machine located in the central section of the yard.

In the realization of the building clearly dominates one material: concrete, put in work in different ways: in situ (slab foundation), prefabricated (pillars, wrought special auction items, planters and retaining walls), in small slabs (pavement ramp) and a composite panel (facing the elevator core and part of the facade of access).

The resulting interior space is of great constructive simplicity and sincerity, reversing a general harmony. The structure is also partly enclosure and left visible. The facilities have been studied to relate to the structural grid and allowed to view, to appreciate its beauty.

The natural ventilation strategy through the longitudinal courtyard and have opted for LED lighting zoned, optimize energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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