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Platz Bahnhofplatz Lenzburg

Platz Bahnhofplatz Lenzburg

Dürig AG
Lenzburg, Switzerland
Train stations

Platz Bahnhofplatz Lenzburg

Dürig AG as Architects

Concept A train station consists of linear elements such as trains, buses, platforms, platform roofings, underpasses and ramps. In the case of Lenzburg, where the station is situated at the periphery of the center of the small city, the geometry of the Seetal line additionally reinforces the linearity of the diverse infrastructural lines. The project reacts to this special condition by integrating the linearity into the concept of design. A long roofing over for the bus station serves at the same time as covered connection to the city, a roof for bycicle parking and a roof for the ramps to the platforms on the northern side of the railway tracks. Straight lines on the ground which are also partially kinked, guide the passengers as markings to the bus stops. Urbanism The existing situation is clarified with new simple and abstract elements. The existing buildings and platform roofings are integrated into a new whole concept, creating a unified and thus clarified appearance of the renewed train station in Lenzburg. Architecture The long and minimally executed roof on the station square works as a landmark, orientation device and weather protection at the same time. The big span of the roof with its slight kinks on its underside covers the moving passengers and the waiting areas at the same time. The columns are placed on the outside of the roof and shifted against each other to allow free movement in the covered area and preventing the obstruction of existing entrances and accesses. Square White cement banks as inlays divide the otherwise completely asphalted surface of the square. The banks are guiding markings for the pedestrians and drivers of vehicles alike. They also mark bus platforms and at the same time house the drainage system of the square. Vegetation: The concept of linearity is also translated to the vegetation in the form of tree rows opposite the station.

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