Plenus Brain Center

Plenus Brain Center

Naoya Matsumoto design
Minato, Japan | View Map
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takeshia sano

Plenus Brain Center

Naoya Matsumoto design as Architects

This is an office where the branding creative team of Plenus, Inc. works. Plenus, Inc. manages “Hotto Motto” and “Yayoi-ken” which have headquarters in Fukuoka.

This office is in Minato-ku, Tokyo where there are a lot of tall buildings. By making it clear to have different functions each floor, I brought in designs appears from the functions as spatial representation.

When you use the elevator and get out of it, each floor has different environment, I hope it stimulates the users’ brain and make them feel elation to work.

I made the façade and the first floor by brick material, which has been known as a warm atmosphere characteristic since long time ago. The permanence of brick materials resonates with the historical background of this company continued from Meiji Period. I tried to express the historical strength and the permanent strength for the future of this company. I hope those people who visit to feeland see the presence of the company continues from the past and the future by different point of view.

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