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Podosalud Clinic

Podosalud Clinic

Marcos Miguélez Arquitecto
Ponferrada, León, España | View Map
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Marcos Miguélez Arquitecto
Antonio V. Sotelo

Podosalud Clinic

Marcos Miguélez Arquitecto as Architects

The starting point is the transformation of a space without previous use into a podiatry clinic. The proposal seeks to solve the program through a continuous flow of natural light. Located on the ground floor of a residential building, the clinic will be part of the new businesses created in a recently built neighborhood. The openings of light in the opposite facades of the clinic define their volumetry and they establish the essence of the project. The plant, assimilable to a rectangle staggered on one of its sides, faces its opaque party walls and its facades open to the outside. We construct glass walls from floor to ceiling to fragment the uses, allowing the transparency of the space throughout its length. Private activities, such as toilets and changing rooms, are hidden behind opaque cloths of 2m high that allow the passage of light through its upper part. The rooms are organized with distribution axes turned 45 degrees in plan, which articulate the rooms more lightly and approach the accesses to the main entrance. In short, an interior space organized with transparent layers, which allows the passage of light between end and end of the room.

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