Primary School in Castelldefels

Primary School in Castelldefels

Estudio Carme Pinós
Castelldefels, Spain | View Map
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Primary Schools
Duccio Malagamba and COPCISA

Primary School in Castelldefels

Estudio Carme Pinós as Architects

The plot presents two problems: being exposed to the view of the houses around it and the noise of the train. The project could be understood as the answer to both facts.

We separate the building from the houses to protect the playing area from the noise of the train. The ground floor is used for common spaces which are freely placed and allow transparency on both sides, giving the impression that both spaces are located in the middle of the garden.

The classrooms are located at the upper floors, facing the interior of the plot, showing their back to the railway.

The facade, parallel to the street and the railroad tracks remind us of an elevated train. We have chosen to use a tilted roof considering the roof top as just another façade that is exposed to the houses around it.

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