Primavera Farm

Primavera Farm

Mutabile Arquitetura
São Gonçalo do Pará, Minas Gerais, Brazil | View Map
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Cleyton Silva Caldeira

Primavera Farm

Mutabile Arquitetura as Architects

The Primavera Farm project is an intervention in a pre-existing property, whichhad undergone successive extensions without planning or supervision of architectural professionals. Thus, its architecture lacked cohesion, organization and aesthetic unity. The buildinghad transitional spaces in privileged spots, while social spaceswere relegated to the background. The project aimed to connect these spaces, taking advantage of the surrounding view and improving the quality of its architecture. The renovationalso needed to take advantage of the original structure as much as possible, lowering costs and unnecessary interventions.


Before the renovation, the house was separated in two blocks. The first block, at a higher level, was used as a garage and has a guest room at its end. The second block housed living room, kitchen, home and three bedroom suites. There was also an indoor games room and a large deck with a pool. At the center, a garage separated the bedroom from leisure areas. This was the most outstanding point of the building, with the best view. It was definitely not in its best use. The wings (suites, garage, leisure and deck) were built in a different period and differed from each other in volume, height, rhythm of openings and roof solutions. 


The renovation project was designed from an axis, a straight transversal line that crosses the building and connected the two independent buildings. In the first block, the dormitory was entirely refurbished and converted into a space with its own living / dining room and two suites. Four parking spaces were maintained at the opposite end. The center is traversed by a yellow staircase, which leads to the main access. A garden assists in the visual indication of the entrance. The staircase takes us to the second block, a large double-height living room that opens into the natural landscape. This former garage, is a now the central and most privileged space in the property.


Its silhouette, defined by a gable roof and elegant wooden portico, is the element that visually and spatially articulates the whole. The former living room was then transformed into two additional suites. To the left and right of the central living area, brick masonry walls were built in front of the preexisting facades, giving it unity. The entire facade was been fitted with pivoting green shutter doors that allow full appreciation of the view but also protect the property from the sun. The result preserves much of the original construction and a desirable country atmosphere, but the farm has gained comfort and architectural refinement.


The deck and pool have been renovated and now more consistent with the rest of the project. At the back, a new building was added, a light structure for the games room, sauna and changing rooms.


Material used:

1. Cimcal – Porcelain Tiles flooring, Aquamarine Tiles for pool

2. Lampadário Divinópolis – Lighting Fixtures

3. Altivo Cerâmica - Bricks

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