Private House Hrusice, Czech rep.

Private House Hrusice, Czech rep.

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Atelier SAD as Architects

Remodelling of a catalogue house in Hrusice
Our task was to remodel this ugly, badly built catalogue house into a dwelling that would fit in with the village architecture of the birthplace of one of the best known Czech painter and illustrators, Josef Lada, the legendary chronicler of Czech village life of olden days. Luckily we were allowed to rip it all out and start (almost) anew. The outside look is modern, functional, logical but respectful of the vernacular which – by the way – is nothing but that, anyway. It was a job of straightening and simplifying, using local materials, bringing the light and air in and adding a few clever details. The result is fresh and cheerful, just like most of Lada's work.

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