Private Poolhouse

Private Poolhouse

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Private Houses
Philipp Herbster

Private Poolhouse

MEER Architekten as Architects

The task for a private client to build an indoor swimming pool in the rural surroundings of Munich, Ismaning, led to the concept of swimming outdoors and the embedding of the building in nature and existing topography. Selection criteria for the positioning of the new volume on the site were, on the one hand, the orientation to the south and on the other the possibility of docking and thus extension of the family house. The existing exterior stairs that led to the outside of the lower level of the living area, has been extended, ensuring the connection of the existing inner spaces with the pavilion. The pool, a free-standing shower column and a relaxation area represent the reduced functions.



The new defined outdoor space, between the conservatory and the pool house symbolizes the intersection of existing and new. The design distances itself of the surrounding rural architecture and represents a clear contrast of lightness and transparency. The filigree steel pillars, and window frames give the green roof a floating character. The glass envelope consists of large sliding elements which ensure cross ventilation and transform the interior to a covered outdoor space. A light curtain on the east and south creates a second skin, which in contrast to the glazed envelope gives a unified appearance while protecting privacy.


Material Used:

1. Sky Frame

2. Vola

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ManufacturersSky-Frame AG
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