Psychiatric hospital in Paris

Psychiatric hospital in Paris

Atelier 2+1 Architectes
Paris, France
Project Year
Sergio Grazia

Psychiatric hospital in Paris

Atelier 2+1 Architectes as Architects


The program, conducted in the psychiatric sector of a hospital, required the restructuring of the headquarters and the rehabilitation of the Institute, together with the building of a new extension of 2300 m2. Atelier 2 + 1 was involved in all of the developing the program and in participating in the definition of the requirements with the relevant services and the patients. The existing building consisted of two perpendicular structures of which the facades were maintained to comply with the provision of ABF (Les architectes des bâtiments de France): a Haussmann building overlooking the street, with a vaulted porch, and a right wing with a modern structure dating from the 1960’s. A dreary courtyard was used as parking. The extension which encloses this courtyard now provides continuity and consistency between all the different levels of Haussmann and modern buildings.

The three buildings, including the new restaurant on the ground floor, open today on a new mineral square, which generates light. Above all, this patio symbolizes the desire of the agency to provide soothing living spaces in this health care environment.

As further evidence, the multipurpose room to be found on the first floor and the two spa rooms installed in the basement. This design also made it possible to simplify and optimize the labyrinth that was used as a place of passage.

The mirror effect of the glass extension reflects the distinct character of the two other buildings and brings in the nearby city. The access from the street to the paved courtyard and vice-versa makes it easy for the patients, the majority of whom are ambulatory, to have access to the place with a friendly atmosphere.

In this specific environment, the work was carried out in occupied site with special attention to the welfare of the patients and that of the Institute ‘staff.


With the overall project broadly outlined, it was decided to organize a wide consultation of senior staff as to gather the requirements and wishes of the medical teams. The architects presented a series of consecutive sketches, and after negotiating, a programmatic overview

The key word on site was «communication» for both the medical staff and the patients. Site tours were organized with an unexpected success. A workshop «photo coverage / movie» was realized by the patients themselves, as part of their educational activities.

Patient feedback and their understanding was a true reward for stakeholders on site and showed the effectiveness of the measures implemented for consultation: drawings and diagrams showing the space allocation, the desired atmosphere, the planning for each phase of works.

Along with the caring staff, arbitration between demands of different services required the authority of a small committee made up of the medical director, department heads and the director of the association. Indeed, the announcement of the construction of a new building and therefore of additional spaces aroused much envy.

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