Pucp Science, Engineering and Architecture Library

Pucp Science, Engineering and Architecture Library

Llosa Cortegana Arquitectos
San Miguel, Pontificia Universidad Católica del, Peru | View Map
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Juan Solano

Pucp Science, Engineering and Architecture Library

Llosa Cortegana Arquitectos as Architects

“.. Perhaps, the age and fearfool me, but I suspect that the human specie– the only one – is extinguished but the library will endure, illuminated, solitary, infinite, perfectly still, composed by precious volumes, useless, incorruptible, secret.” Babel’s Library Jorge Luis Borges

The typology of a Library has a memory, and shelters memory at the same time. It becomes singular. Implanted in the Campus of the Catholic University of Perú, the project emerge from the circumstances surrounding it, tensions and connections with the environment, the community, the pre-existing structures shape their figure, outlining, perforating, rotating, and folding it.

The concrete materiality of reddish pigmentation calibrates its mass and allows its transparency, its Wall structure condition, and its texture; refer to the memory of prehispanic surrounding remains. The mass is perforated to build its gaze, to bond and affect us from inside.

The extensive program is confined in free and flexible space, pending the constant changes of contemporary times. This intimacy is constructed as experience in the ascent and descent of the space generated by the stairs from where we blur the outside to confront the physicality of our specie. Thus the architecture from its spatial verticality, from the handling of light, from the porosity of its material, reveals our solitude.

The project inquire the possibility of generate a public space on the top of the main road of the university. From the introduction of a figure, the space is inserted and is related through their intimacy. The materiality responds to the nature of the place, to the exogenous conditions, the mass is perforated to build sights and to control the sunlight. In this way, the architecture allows us to link up and affect us by their presence.

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