Rocafort House

Rocafort House

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Refroma i ampliació de vivenda unifamiliar entre mitjeres a Rocafort

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The terrain is located in the village center of Rocafort, an elevated and idilic position with a natural environment around what makes it a really attractive proposal. The existing construction dates from the XIX century and maintain the thick stoned original walls that will make part of the structural solution for our proposal to let them seen as part of the past remaining. From the first drafts we kept the original ‘patio’ existing between the ancient division of the house between spaces that make specifically part of the house and complementary food and animals storage volumes. The house is organized in three levels, the lowest one is the garden floor and contains a cellar, an existing recovered water tank and storage spaces for all sort of machinery, personal issues, etc… The ground floor contains the main spaces with a clear desire to establish an interesting flow and visual connection between them and with the natural surroundings through the different windows so the program is arranged with stairs, courtesy bathroom and service spaces behind the street facade, while the parking is segregated from the house in the other side of the courtyard. The first floor follows the same scheme so the bathrooms are on the west side while bedrooms keep the views over the garden, while in a separated volume, geometrically skewed from the ground floor projection for improving natural lighting quality, is created a private study. The guidelines of the proposal also emphasize environmental elements including a geothermal system for natural heating and cooling, a tank to collect raining water to be used for watering and filling the existing swimming-pool and finally a broken section of the house which improve illumination and crossing natural ventilation of the whole house, which in general terms improve the natural functioning of the building, reduce CO2 emissions and economic sustainability related to electrical and water expenses during the whole useful life of the building

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