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Rosic apartment

Rosic apartment

Born, Barcelona , Spain | View Map
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Margaret Stepien

Rosic apartment

Bloomint Design as Interior Architects


It’s important to us to convey the neighbourhood’s history in the interior design.

This 112m2 apartment is in one of the many labyrinths like streets from the born neighbourhood in Barcelona. In these streets strong contrasts exist between the building shadows and the bright sun light. The contrast continues at night with subtle lighting in the small streets and theatrical lighting in the plazas and larger avenues. Inside the flat we wanted to feel the same contrast, in the materials, lights and colours. We decided to change atmosphere while changing spaces, from corridors to the open space, from room to bathroom, going further into intimate and calm spaces, the light changes, the atmosphere transformations.

The perfect contrast between old & new materials, between dark & light, between colours & White. The new construction is functional with intelligent built in storage, modern elements were made to measure for this Project to contrast with the old bricks & stone walls and ancient wooden doors, which we rediscovered doing an almost archaeological excavation, scratching on walls and old paint, a meticulous work but definitely worth it.



The floor is a patchwork of tinted cement tiles (traditional Catalan floors) but with a new design and new colours, each room, space, corridor has a different tile combination, pattern@designedbybloomint.

The kitchen is a local supplier, simple design and practical use, small and compact but with all necessary appliances, minimal white and wooden counter top

Made to measure massive natural wooden dinning table.

The mezzanine was totally redesigned to be lighter, occupy less space and open the different rooms to natural light @designedbybloomint with black iron and wooden beams.

Bracket lights hanging on top of the table made to measure by a French light designer, black iron. One can play with them and turn the light towards the wall, the ceiling, the table for different atmospheres.

The dinning chairs are a mix of traditional Tonet wooden chairs, different colours and finishes found in a local flee market.

The floor lamps is a very southing, minimal and natural design that gives a very warm light from a local supplier.


A wooden exterior platform was made to even out the terrace floor

The extra tiles that were left over from the interior where mixed here to combine as a back rest for the built in bench @designedbybloomint

The idea here was to recreate the feel of the terraces we find in the plazas around the corner, the lighting is a simple party light gangling from the walls.



A sliding rustic wooden door was made to measure to save space in the corridor and in the smaller bathroom.

Both bathrooms have the same design of simple shinny white metro tiles on the walls, colourful cement tinted tiles on the floor, black handles and faucets for the masculine touch ( this flat was designed for 2 young English room mates) and made to measure modern wooden cupboards were designed to contrast with the old stone walls.

Through out the design, you can sense the perfect balance between old and new, with a beautiful natural light and a delicate lighting for the evening creating southing and warm atmospheres.

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