Minato-ku, Japan
Project Year
Satoru Umetsu/ Nacasa&Partners


Doyle Collection as Interior Architects

“EBISHIMA” restaurant, featuring fine Japanese kappo cuisine is located in Roppongi, Tokyo. This restaurant was renovated due to the replacement of the chef. We kept the layouts unchanged. Yet we altered the restaurant’s interior design to extract maximum amount of chef’s originality. His big moment starts from the open counter. We considered dramatic designs and its beautility of the set stage (or background) to make sure how well his behavior will appear to the customers. For the top board counter, we carefully polished up cypress to make it into high-quality material. This homogenous impression and texture bring people the feeling of Japanese aesthetic sense. It also has a natural antimicrobial function. As for the wall surface, there are two storages in total; One is for display, in other word, an attractive storage. Cross-shaped separating racks make the minimal design. In combination with the lighting production, it creates luxurious atmosphere. Serving dishes that compliment the cuisine are used as displays. The other is for functional use. The storage doors have unleveled wooden panels with carving called “NAGURI”, technique that requires craftsman’s skill. We pasted Japanese Paper on the wall surface of the private dining room and used “Persimmon tannin” (traditional Japanese natural colorant) for the final touch. We also used permeable Japanese Paper on the ceiling. However, the way this paper is manufactured and its characteristic are totally different from the ones that are used on the walls. You will surely feel the soft atmosphere in this room. For the displays on the wall, we took the idea from a Japanese traditional dry garden style called”KARE-SANSUI”. These displays are our original product. In order to express “MA” (one of Japanese thoughts), we consciously used 4 panels to add a fresh dimension to the limited space and to stir customers’ imagination.

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