Samdal Oreum
Youngsung Koh

Samdal Oreum

Formative Architects as Architects

The client requested two things in the building which is satisfying mother's house and accommodation.


When we started thinking of mother's place, we came up with her embracing arms. What reminds mother's embracing arms in Jeju? Before long, Oreum came to our mind. There are More than 300 Oreums in Jeju and each of them are embracing cored-out center. Warmness in the center, that's how our project began.


Dilemma of regionality

Whenever we have to face the projects in Jeju, we are concerned about how to reflect the feature of Jeju in architecture. It's not easy to express local feature by the architecture. In the end, it could be look like childish and one dimensional approach.

Furthermore, SamdalOreum tried to reflect local feature more drastically. As a result, we had to take into consideration of one dimensional form more carefully


Couple of Oreum

The site is located in southeast part of Jeju which is next to tranquil seaside town. Even it's close to the sea, it is invisible because of surrounding trees, also the site has long and flat shape SamdalOreum combined dwelling and accommodation. It should guarantee personal privacy and universal needs for the guests at the same time. Thus, we placed two mass on the ground which is representing atypical Oreum form.


Center of Oreum will be used as a personal garden for the house and the playground for the accommodation at the same time. Throughout Intuitive but non-simple space, we left potential of diverse relations.


Space composition of a single-wing house

Each house has single-wing space composition. Due to the warm climate in Jeju, we planned single wing form not multiple. Also, we put multiple openings toward courtyard to minimize influence of wind. A single-wing house has more efficient space composition for utilization of outdoor place than a house with multiple wings. It offers more room and stability


Shape of structure

Wooden structure had been used as vertical and horizontal member of framework traditionally. We focused on a possibility that structures could be atypical appearance when they gathered with diverse degree. This is the reason why this building has hybrid structure. The architecture has form of Oreum makes wooden structure roof which is vended complicatedly is supported by complementary of concrete wall and wooden structure.


We made that composition to apply wide open windows until under rafters, also it was reinforced by wooden structure because it wasn't possible realization with only concrete beam. According to the structure, wooden columns were exposed, interior tone could be soft. The curved beam that cannot be made with wood was alternated as steel structure with steel pipe. That provide efficient construct ability to freeform roof and structural aesthetics.


Therefore, the detail of joint within concrete, steel structure and wooden structure was important. We make effort using manufactured metal hardware on joint detail to prevent increasing cost.


Roof rafters are exposed on ceiling to describe traditional roof structure of stone house in Jeju in the same way.


Imagification of local feature on architecture Still, it raises a question whether the impression of sites and places directly becomes architectural form could be right or not. Even though we revealed imagification of Jeju as it has long been, we wish this architecture has more meaning than a superficial or intuition feature.


Material Used:

1. N8358 cutted gray brick – Facade brick - Nanobrick

2. Galaxy tile TF606 – Toilet tile - Younhyun Trading

3. Half short 101 nikel – Toilet faucet - THE JOHN TECH

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Product Spec Sheet

N8358 cutted gray brick – Facade brickNanobrick
Galaxy tile TF606 – Toilet tile younhyun trading
Product Spec Sheet
N8358 cutted gray brick – Facade brick
Galaxy tile TF606 – Toilet tile
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