San Isidro Chico

San Isidro Chico

Matias Lopez Llovet
San Isidro, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina | View Map
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Private Houses
Alejandro Peral

San Isidro Chico

Matias Lopez Llovet as Architects

What was the brief?
The brief was a house for a typical family in Argentina (parents and 2-4 kids), in addition a guest suite or a private office.  It is a Real Estate house development.


What were the key challenges?
The plot shape and the orientation.The plot is wide on the front facing the street and narrows towards the back. The sun coming from north casts shadows in the main backyard garden facing south. Based on these constrains we decided to divide the house in two main volumes and a third one smaller as connector. The mainvolume composed of two levels, is a rectangle with its long side attached to the right retreat. In the ground level the daily and intimate use.

A big space family room (TV-dinner room) connected to the kitchen, the garden, and the barbecue gallery throughbig sliding windows. Proximate to the street the carport is connected to the service access, the laundry, the mechanical room, and the service room. In the upper level the main suite and the two kids’ suite bedrooms (facing east orientation). Completing the upper floor, separated by the main stairs of the house, the guest suite or working office enjoys a gingko tree street view.

The second volume, near the street in one level with a larger height (to avoid big shadows in the garden) holds the formal living and dinning room, connected through a big size sliding window to a gallery covered by an ironpergola.

Between these two main volumes, a connector holding the main entrance and the guest toilette, absorbs the angle differences formed by the rest of the house.


What materials did you choose and why?
We decided that the house would use three main materials. White texturized stucco walls, wood windows and black iron. 


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Textured acrylic coating, Molinos Tarquini, Raya-2 fino
2. Flooring: Porcellanato 60x120, ILVA, Tribeca Greenwich
3. Doors: Moras Aberturas
4. Windows: Rehau PVC color Nogal

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Product Spec Sheet
PVC color Nogal
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