San José Preschool

San José Preschool

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Cajicá, Cundinamarca, Colombia - Build completed in 2016
Rodrigo Dávila

San José Preschool

taller de arquitectura de bogotá as Architects

The project was formulated as a series of isolated volumes, a village of knowledge that takes the organic character of the natural context of the place and the “small scale” of its users, (children between the ages of 4 to 6). The units are articulated through a covered circulation that forms a patio or an “amorphous cloister” with abundant landscaping.

This kind of configuration allows a flexible development, forming “partial finite units”, regardless of the size or cut-off point that is made, according to the stage in which the project is developed over time. The result configures an ambiguous and unconfused space that doesn’t make evident of the absences of the volumes.

Regarding the building´s materiality, the rustic concrete used in the existing Administration Building of the school. A material with textured monochrome finishing that with a play of light and shadows emphasizes its variations according to the position of each classroom module.

This is a sober learning space that seeks tranquillity as a learning tool for the society. A society overwhelmed by baroque spaces, an abundance of objects, information and congestion.


Client: Colegio San José.

Area: 1287m2 en primera etapa, 2258m2. 3545m2 en total.

Project Year: 2015-2016.

Architects: Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá, Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos and Marcela Albornoz.

Design Team: Francisco Ospina, Andrés Gutiérrez, Andrea Mozzato, Cindy Jiménez.

Project management: Grupo DVDL - David Vergara, Andrés Pastrán.

Construction Management: PRV Asociados - Humberto Rocha, Laura Pinto.

Construction: PRV Asociados - Humberto Rocha, Laura Pinto.

Structural design: San Miguel Olejua Ingenieros Civiles Ltda.

Presupuesto: Grupo DVDL - David Vergara, Andrés Pastrán.

Soil survey: Luis Velásquez.

Electrical design: Proyeléctricos - Claudia Cruz.

Hydro Sanitary design: Proyectos y Diseños Hidráulicos SA - Bernardo Rodríguez.

Structural wiring: Proyeléctricos - Claudia Cruz.

Acoustic design: ADT Ltda. - Daniel Duplat.

Bio-climatic consultant: Arquiambiental - Margarita Romero.

Lightning design: ClaroOscuro Lighting Design SAS - Alfredo García, Julia Erlhofer.

Landscape design: Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá, Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos and Marcela Albornoz

Location: Cajicá, Colombia.

Photographs: Rodrigo Dávila.

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